1. Interview: Matthew McBride

    Today I interview Matthew McBride about his new book, A SWOLLEN RED SUN.

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    As you may have heard, I publish books and stories once in a while under the One Eye Press brand. This year, I’ve launched a series geared at entertaining, impacting novellas, One Eye Press Singles. The first in that series was Federales by Chris Irvin.

    I’m pleased to release our second Singles novella, White Knight by Bracken MacLeod, who impressed me immensely last year with Mountain Home from Book of the Dead Press.

    Bracken was great to work with and put together a thrilling story about beleaguered ADA who makes a promise he cannot keep and must face the consequences as he races the clock to save the damsel and to slay the dragon.

    Help us enjoy this launch by sharing this post, and perhaps buy a copy from Amazon. Available in print and digital for the Kindle.

    White Knight (One Eye Press Singles)



    (There is a furore over a Slate article slating - heh - adults who read YA fiction. I have thoughts.)

    OK, first; didn’t we already do this 15 years ago with HARRY POTTER? And then again with HIS DARK MATERIALS? And then again with TWILIGHT? And then again with… OK, you get the idea.


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